Read Every Night!

The students often ask how they can become better readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, etc. We always reply with “READ, READ, READ!!” It is so important that your child is reading for AT LEAST 20 minutes every night. The children can read aloud to you or you can read aloud to them.

Why should our children be reading every night? Check out this research  that proves why reading breeds successful students:

Look at these inspiring statistics…


To our students:  Do you prefer reading alone or do you prefer to read aloud to someone? Maybe some of you prefer being read to by a friend or an adult! Let us know in the comments below. We are EXCITED to hear from you.


Ms. Taylor



2 thoughts on “Read Every Night!

    1. Hi Jossalyn,
      I enjoy reading alone too, but I do LOVE reading aloud to my students. Do you usually read alone at night? You are a fantastic reader. Keep up the good work!

      Your teacher,
      Ms. Taylor

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